How To Kick Off A Freelance Writing Career

l? I am a freelance writer! Ah, this is fate! Sounds great, right? Do you want to achieve it? As a long-term writer (me!), here are some tips to help you along the way. When you announce to friends, family and new people that you are a freelance writer, their eyes are filled with envy. They imagine your days filled with sitting in a cafe and drinking a latte, wandering lovingly to every word you type. You’re in a coffee shop, or you’re working hard on your new computer, or you’re hanging out in your pajamas at home, drinking tea and eating sweets. If that’s true.

When it comes to a freelance writer, the job might be to finish the article on time and find enough tasks to keep a good line between the power supply and the flow of latte coffee.

Here are tips for getting the most out of a freelancer’s life and finding ways to make enough money to pay for coffee and sweets:

Get up and get dressed: this is critical. Getting up and taking a bath, brushing your teeth and putting on clothes will not only make you more attractive to your family and pets, but you will also feel more productive. Focus on everything – you feel professional, so you are professional! Once breakfast is messy, it doesn’t matter if your office is a nightstand or a kitchen table. If you’re a freelance writer pursuing a career, you need to treat yourself like a professional writer and behave (and dress accordingly).
Pretend to take your time: As a writer, you can set your own time extravagantly. It is best to write in the middle of the night or in the afternoon, as long as you meet the deadline. Make sure you set a boundary between home and work. You don’t want to work 24/7 – this is bad for your physical and mental health. Once you know the best time to write, make sure you’re ready to work; close your email, log out of facebook and log out of video games. You should spend time writing and not be distracted.
Go to the world: remember to go to the world. Many writers are essentially lonely people, which is why the life of a freelancer suits them, but it’s easy to isolate yourself, and as time goes on, it’s easier not to leave home than it is to leave home. Don’t get into the habit of canceling lunch or dinner dates, join a social or writers group. If you’ve never stepped outside, how can you effectively write about the world outside your door?
If this year is the year you want to fulfill your freelancing dream, then you need to take the time to complete some of the steps above. After you’ve made your decision, take a moment to think about the tips above and see where you can find a home office, writing time, and how to maintain a social life. However, the first step to becoming a freelancer is to study the market. We will discuss this issue in a future article.


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