Freelancing As a Career Option

Employees who work from home may consider telecommuting or freelancing. While telecommuting may keep you away from home for a few hours a week, freelancing online is a great way to make money if you’re forced to stay at home. For example, housewives, part-time students, retirees, or other people looking to increase their income from work or business may all consider freelance work.

Freelance Skills

As long as you have the skills someone is willing to pay for, you can start making money as a freelancer. For example, writers, web designers, photographers and programmers can earn a significant income by creating articles, websites, portfolios and software at home. For freelancers from all over the world, the internet is a popular and viable source of income. Your target customers may be webmasters, online business owners, blog owners, etc. For example, blogs and wikis are popular sources of income for freelance writers these days. If you have good writing skills, there is no reason not to enter this market.

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On the other hand, your income may fluctuate from month to month. Like all businesses, freelancers cannot guarantee a stable salary at the end of the month. Therefore, keep a small supply of kittens for dry days or have other sources of income to work part-time. Be willing to accept boring, low-level jobs just to maintain strong cash flow. Once you have a good reputation for providing high quality original works at a reasonable price, customers will flock.

Freelance advantage

Perhaps the best thing about a freelancer is that you can work at your own pace and be your own boss in your own time at home. This means that your store is open 24×7. As long as you deliver quality work and deliver it on time, your customers will be happy with you.

To stand out, you also need to be seen and heard in the right places such as forums, blogs, online groups, etc. Take the time to visit these sites every day as they are a valuable repository of freelancers and email addresses of potential customers. Or you can sign up for freelance websites, such as Elance, GetAFreelancer, and Scriptlance, where you can start bidding on projects and grab a few today!

All in all, freelancing is one of the best ways to earn money from home and work for yourself. If you have enough time, you may also want to consider freelance as your full-time career alternative or additional source of income.

(My two cents: While you can find many lucrative freelance jobs on Elance, the other sites mentioned above tend to feature low paying projects. However, if you’re just starting out as a freelancer, the competition on Elance can prove to be really tough. So you may want to GAF and Scriptlance try to build your portfolio first and then go to Elance.)


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