Freelance Writer Without Experience

What does it take to become an inexperienced successful freelance writer? This is your answer.

1. Ask for help

Reach out to those who have already started a freelance writing career and seek advice. Also, go online and take a moment to learn more about free writing. What is free writing? How does it work? Can free writing pay my bill? Ask yourself these questions.

When I first started as a freelancer, I didn’t know where to find a job or how much the client paid. I saw an ad looking for a writer at a nearby internet cafe and decided to give it a try. These guys pay 100 ksh for every 500 words!

After working with the agency for a few weeks, a friend suggested I join iWriter, and then I went to other popular sites like Upwork (formerly oDesk), Elance, and Freelancer, until I gained more experience and managed to provide instant and direct feedback to High-Paying Customers.

I don’t regret working for low wages. I always thank these websites for helping me improve my writing skills and build a portfolio. The only downside to iWriter is its high content rejection rate. Unpaid work on iWriter is terrible.

Do you want to start like me? At the time, I couldn’t even tell the difference between essay writing and academic writing.

Find someone with extensive experience in freelance writing, offer to join them for lunch and learn skills from them. Every profession has different ways to freelance, but as long as they can solve the problem and make you smile all the way to the bank, why not give it a try too?

2. Build a portfolio

The client wants to hire someone who has already done some work. When you bid on a job, customers ask for a sample, among other things. Nobody wants to be your first customer!

Now that you’ve completed a comprehensive study, write an article, blog post, press release, or product review and give it to a well-known author who can read and correct any errors in the document.

Do your best to write high-quality, informative and engaging content, free of spelling and grammatical errors. You don’t want to show substandard works to potential customers, do you?

Or you can take the initiative to volunteer and do unpaid work. You may also want to do some low-paying jobs. iWriter has a simple and user-friendly interface; that’s why this is a great website to build your portfolio while making a few bucks. If your clients like your work, make sure they leave recommendations/reviews for you.

The more samples you have, the better your chances of applying for sample-related jobs.

3. Set your rate

For a long time, determining rates was the trickiest and most difficult thing for many freelance writers. New freelance writers in particular don’t know what the average freelance writing rate is. Contact other freelancers and learn more about the fees they charge. Find out the most expensive writer costs and the cheapest writer costs.

Now that you’ve chosen a reasonable rate, stick to it and learn to say no to customers whose rates are lower than your standard salary. Once you start selling, working and gaining more experience, increase your rates until you get a pretty decent salary – a minimum of $50 per 500-750 word article.

4. Start pitching! asphalt! asphalt!

It’s time to start pitching. Sometimes customers choose the person who submitted the best referral rather than the best writer. Clients want to work with people who are passionate about the position being advertised. You have to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t give up on the first ten or twenty failed pitches you sent. If you’re not always looking for homework, homework is unlikely to come to you. Keep pitching and you’re sure to get long-term clients. Don’t forget to pitch! asphalt! asphalt!

Free writing is not suitable for people who lack perseverance and self-motivation. If you expect freelancers to make an immediate profit, you will find that very frustrating. It takes some time, so you have to be busy. Don’t expect to succeed or become an expert writer overnight.

Do you want to become a freelance writer? Congratulations!

Need advice? Let me know what’s holding you back and we’ll find a solution together!

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