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This may seem like a daunting task, but becoming a freelance SEO writer is easier than most people think. Most companies with a network presence are always interested in writers who have articles who can post keywords relevant to their particular business. SEO writers have presented keyword rich articles to help build the company’s presence on the web.

The sideline business of a freelance SEO writer is probably one of the simplest businesses, you can start with very few resources and very little cost. The biggest skill you’ll need is the ability to write clearly and effectively on any number of topics a client might ask you. Native English speakers are probably the most interesting things for SEO companies.

If this sounds like something that interests you, then the following steps will help you launch your career as a freelance SEO writer:

Search Google for “SEO company”, “SEO marketing company”, “SEO freelance writing work” and other terms like these. Most companies may not directly promote their SEO writer needs, but by searching, you should find the contacts of individuals in various companies who hire freelance writers. Create a list or spreadsheet of 5-10 contacts and you email them to find a job

Create a generic email template that you will use to introduce yourself to the company you identified. Although you start with a generic email template, you want to make sure that you personalize the final email for each company you send. Explain that you are a freelance SEO writer, tell them your skills and education, your ability to complete the article before the deadline, and optionally include a sample article you wrote (if you’ve never written one, find one you like Topic) interested again and write a simple 300-500 word article on the topic).

Follow up in a day or two – if possible, call someone from the company you are contacting. Talking to someone on the phone is an easy way to connect. Ask them to give you the option of freelancing for free – then explain your rates in subsequent articles. Most freelance SEO writers can charge fees ranging from $15 to $40 per article.
That’s it: if you follow these steps, you can get started as a freelance SEO writer right away. If you are interested in making extra money or creating a location-independent lifestyle, this might be the easiest business anyone can start.

What do freelancers do? They earn extra money by acting as experts in their field of interest or talents. If a freelancer is a writer then he should be an authority in his field because the ideas generated in the article will be read and believed by thousands of people. Here are some reliable tips to help you stand out in the world of freelance writers.

1-You should be prepared for vacant positions as they probably seem like unexpected benefits. Accept both sides of the coin and don’t be disappointed. If they don’t get enough jobs, many people give up their travels prematurely. Persevere in never losing the game.

2-Don’t think that freelance writing is a plan to get rich. You have to work hard and be creative to get good results and be successful. If it were easy, we’d all become freelance writers. Go wild and strive for perfection.

3-One of the important secrets of freelancers is that you have to learn to organize the working hours according to the progress of the work. If you can’t complete the task in time, then don’t accept the task as it will be a black mark in your career. If the result of a job is this low, you better turn it down and focus more on a better paying job. Satisfied customers can and will get more work and better returns in the future.

Remember that working from home is a business; you sell your skills to someone and if that person has to trust you, you have to prove that you are worth it. Finding a freelance job, working at your own pace and expecting a paycheck sounds easy. However, this is not as easy as it sounds! Some websites may offer you a freelance job, which may look and feel real, but before making any promises, make sure they are real or you’ll be in a rush.

This is a real form of self-employment but you have to watch out for freelance websites, these websites turned out to be a scam and squeeze your own money without paying a cent. Remember these tips and you will do well.


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