Finding Freelance Writing Opportunities

Writing, especially freelance writing, is a very competitive field, but if you know where to look for assignments and other opportunities, and you spend time paying attention to the needs of publications or websites, you will have an advantage in many matches. Here are some resources to get you started.

Author’s Guide-Get these guides from the magazines you’re interested in. Many publications post this content on the Internet. Just search for the name of the magazine with “Writer’s Guide” in your search. If the guide is not online, email it to them. If you think you can write an article that is as good or better than the article in the magazine, then this is a good candidate.
Writers’ Market-Your public library will most likely have this copy, with the most recent copy in the reference section. There is also an online version. For nearly a century, Writer’s Market has been the most comprehensive source of paid publications for nonfiction and creative writers. They list hundreds of magazines that accept inquiries from freelance writers, and each list includes information such as an author’s guide to where the publication can be viewed or emailed and what type of material is needed for the publication. This guide also provides tips for completing the task. (journalism and public relations).
Professional Writers Organization (link in Resources section).
Writers’ meetings – these can help you build valuable connections with editors and agents and provide decent guidance. For press conferences, visit For other writing conferences, visit Writer’s Market, websites of professional organizations that provide services in your writing field, and writers’ websites. Many of them are listed in the Resources section. – Recommended by Writers Digest magazine, where you can search for short stories, poems, novels, novellas and other almost all types of works, including children, YA, science fiction, literature, romance, mystery, etc. The search function allows You choose the priority of the list, such as payment percentage or acceptance percentage. The good thing about Duotrope is that they list paid markets for creative writers, but unfortunately many high paying markets start at only about 0.05 cents per word. – a great place for beginners to write about topics they are interested in and build authority while earning a little money and getting feedback from professional editors.
Helium-This is a useful website for many freelance writers, including citizen journalists and beginners. Payment for an item is based on popularity and ad revenue or ad potential.
Craigslist – Check writing/editing under “Work”. You will find a number of freelance and telecommuting jobs here, some of which are well paid and many are not. But it’s worth a try.
Online Free Bidding Sites-The two most popular sites are and Usually your income per gig is not as good as the income you get from publishing or your own marketing and website, but you can find some good freelance writing opportunities on these websites, especially for copywriters.
You’ve got it, a list of some of the best sources of freelance writing opportunities!


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