A Freelancer’s Dilemma – Is it a Right Career Choice?

Graphic design designers around the world are faced with a common dilemma, which is whether they should do freelance projects or work as an employee, or both. While choosing one of the given options can be a difficult decision, the good news is that you don’t have to and all three are achievable. You just need to decide and choose the most suitable one according to your needs. The decision to take on a freelance project is more of a personal choice than a career decision. This requires confidence in one’s own abilities. Believe that your design is outstanding, that no one can match it, and that your skills are on par with ever-increasing industry standards. Many graphic designers also manage other full-time or part-time jobs. For them, these free design projects are just to make extra money.

If you are one of those people who can’t get the dream job of a graphic designer or are unemployed because of an economic recession, working on a freelance design project can give you the opportunity to build your own portfolio as freelancers in a variety of ways design project. Several graphic designers have seized this opportunity to profile themselves and gain fame, which can ultimately help them find good job opportunities. For some freelancers, working a few hours a day at their convenience is the job they ultimately want. But this is not an easy journey. Full-time freelancers need to be mentally prepared for some uncertainties from the start. Check out some things that can help you assess the life of a freelancer.

• Full-time freelancers face the problem of income instability.
• Working from home is not easy because there will be a lot of hindrance. That’s why a full-time freelancer needs to be motivated.
• Most self-employed people who want to work full-time confuse flexible working hours with fewer working hours. In the real world, most freelancers invest more time than they normally do at work.
• A freelancer should be concerned with multiple aspects of running a business, not just focusing on his/her core competencies. They have to deal with finance, marketing, customer service and all other aspects of running a business.

Freelancers have pros and cons. This is an adventurous journey and you never know what you will get until you dive in.

To survive as a freelance writer, you absolutely must pay attention to three things. You need to focus on your money. You have to focus on marketing. Below that, you should focus on delivering quality. Big thoughts. The first two are clearer. But the third certainly needs explanation. In this article, I’ll show you three things you need to do to focus on delivering quality.

1. The first is that you have to make a schedule and live by it.

One of the problems with the freelancing life is that interruptions are part of the game. Customer calls. Foreground telephone. Seller calls. This does not include the usual interruptions of family and life. Writing can be difficult. This is usually something you want to avoid. Pause to give you an excuse not to write.

This is fatal for free writing. One technique to avoid procrastination is to set a specific time of day for your writing…every day…Develop the habit of writing. Get your body used to writing at that specific time of day. If you do this, you will soon find that you no longer shy away from work. Make sure no one interrupts you for anything other than fire or nuclear war.

2. Always deliver what customers want when they need it.

In most companies, the customer is not always right. Over-delivery and under-commitment are always better. But free writing is different. Customers will tell you what they want. An article of 400 to 600 words. A 60 page ebook. A blog post of 250 to 300 words. And this is exactly what you need to deliver. Not 601 words, not 62 pages, not 220 words. You have to deliver exactly what they ask for. And you have to deliver it on the promised day. In a free writing game, the biggest mistake you can make is not fully fulfilling the promise you promised. There is only one acceptable quality: your best.

3. Staying the same doesn’t solve the problem. Sharpen the saw and charge the battery.

Writing is above all a craft. Free writing is a business based on this craft. This is not art. It is important that you continue to improve your process skills. You should always sharpen and polish the saw. There are many ways to do this, such as writing for yourself, taking classes, and doing exercises. Class is important because it can give you feedback on how well you master the subject. If you cannot afford the course and you can get feedback elsewhere, doing exercises is another option.

But writing for yourself is not negotiable. You have to write some works for yourself to recharge yourself. When the client yelled, to teach yourself why you love writing, these words didn’t come and the homework was boring.


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