A Freelance Lifestyle – The Cons that Should Be Considered

If you are not happy with your current career, consider pursuing a freelance lifestyle. I like my life as a free agent and an independent professional player, but if I don’t share some shortcomings, I will be dereliction of duty.

Take the risk. When we work for ourselves, there are always risks. Can we get enough work to maintain us and our bank accounts? Shall we select and/or find clients who are willing to work with? Are we going to do work that satisfies our customers? I can keep turning the pages to list the questions full of questions. My advice is to believe in your own abilities and realize that if you love what you do, you have a great chance of success. Risk accompanies everything we do and can make what we do more exciting.

Change accompanied by lack of stability and regularity. If you struggle with change and lack of stability, I recommend that the free agent or freelance lifestyle is not for you. If just setting up a brand new routine and dealing with non-fixed 9 to 5 work really threatens your peace of mind, then you may want to relieve freelancers by taking on additional part-time jobs while working full-time. and adapt to your new career.

It can be overwhelming when deadlines overlap. The life of a freelancer can vary from too much free time between projects to being overwhelmed by too many projects at once. If we have the “guts” to discuss our schedule with customers in advance, we can exercise some control over this. I usually sit down and plan for a project, then add more time for contingencies and interruptions. Seeing all this on paper, I knew I could finish it before the deadline. Sometimes we’re really excited to have projects, and it’s easy to put pressure on ourselves. This pressure will only disadvantage us and rob us of our energy.

Lack of companionship and lack of corporate benefits. Most freelancers lament the lack of regular contact with others, rather than the lack of company benefits and regular salaries. It’s easy to get involved in a project, so much so that you’re sitting at your desk or computer all day, so dating friends and former colleagues is important. I teach several group fitness classes, so I have regular contact with others. I also participate in social events, programs and conferences organized by organizations specializing in my field. As for the benefits, some associations and organizations offer benefit packages to small business owners as members.


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