9 Disadvantages of Being a Freelance Writer

To balance my article “10 Benefits of Writing Non-Fiction Novels” and “10 Benefits of Freelance Writer and Entrepreneur,” I list nine drawbacks of living as a freelancer. There are some ambiguities, but there are also some serious ones. Here are nine disadvantages of becoming a freelance writer:

1. I did not receive a fixed salary, guaranteed weekly or monthly. All income comes from my direct efforts as a writer, writing coach, or consultant (oh, or from the sale of my books and products and some of the other sources of income I develop). This situation makes for some stressful moments when setting up a freelance job, but in the end I can generate an income stream to pay the bills and enable the purchase of some goods, such as furniture.

2. I have no paid vacation: no vacation or sick leave, no personal vacation or “mental health” day. When everyone is enjoying paid vacation, I work at my desk.

3. You have to buy your own health insurance, which is very expensive.

4. I have to buy my own coffee, tea, hot chocolate and birthday cake.

5. I missed the drinking fountain activities: group birthday party, fellowship with other employees. Interpersonal contact is very important-physical, face-to-face things. Freelancing means working at a computer, making phone calls, or emailing, but you rarely interact with people unless you take the initiative to make contact. This is one of the reasons why the internet is so useful for freelancers. An appointment should be scheduled to make contact.

6. If I want, I have to contribute to the pension fund.

7. I have to buy my own office supplies, which can be very expensive, especially the paper and ink cartridges for the printer, because I print a lot of things. I can’t sneak home supplies paid for by the company because they are at home.

8. I can’t swipe or mess around while still getting paid. In most companies, productivity is not always 100%. It is also not suitable for freelancers, but since freelancers work for themselves, they have to be productive or else their income will drop. In the company, employees can spend their lives, but they can still be paid. This behavior should of course not be too noticeable, otherwise the salary will stop.

9. I am not “cared for” by the company. Besides all the free gifts and benefits discussed, the main benefit of working for others is that employees are taken care of by the company until they are fired or fired or something else happens. After that, the imprisoned employees were lost. Who takes care of him now?

That’s why becoming a freelance writer has nine shortcomings of mine, some of them on the cheek. Being an employee has its pros and cons, just like being a freelancer.

You need to decide on the advantages that are most important to you and the disadvantages that you can tolerate, both at work and as a freelancer, and choose the one that best suits your needs and circumstances. After careful consideration, the chosen route should be feasible – unless the economy collapses and many plans collapse.


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