How-To Advice From an Experienced Freelancer

Freelance writers can travel as they please; they can work anywhere as long as they have an Internet connection; they can work in their pajamas; they can pick up their children at the bus stop; they can shop at noon when the store is not crowded; they can charge what they want The cost…they can live their own way.

These are just some of the benefits of being a freelance writer. Who doesn’t want such a life?

It’s easy to start a freelance writing career. No, it’s not easy to succeed as a freelance writer-but it’s easy to start, and this is where it’s most likely to fail. If you really want to start a freelance writing career in 2010, here are four things.

1. Decide when: Decide whether you want to work part-time or full-time. If you have money in the bank and can float yourself for a few months, then if you put in (marketing) work, you can start working full-time.

2. Time limit: If you really want to be a freelance writer, you must become a time management master. How much time do you plan to spend every day to realize your dreams? Moreover, one hour will not reduce it-sorry. You need at least 2; 4 will be better-if you start part-time.

If you start working full-time, go all out and devote 8, 9, or 10 hours.

3. Develop an “action” plan: for example, develop an action plan. Many people refer to it as a “commercial” plan. I hate this sentence because it is a tough job for a company where most people have never even started a business. This is why I like the term “action plan”.

This means it is something you have to put together and stick to it. It includes content including which market segment you want to focus on, how you will market, develop a budget for completing your website, arrange your writing samples in chronological order, propose pricing charts, decide which services you will provide, etc.

4. Implement your action plan: This is where many people fail. Really, judging from the emails I have received over the years, this is the first step that many people have never completed. They tried to make everything perfect before they started.

This is the worst procrastination. It can prevent your success as a freelance writer. Other freelance dream killers are:|

Freelance writing dream killer: disguised as a progressive thing, but actually not

“Research”: This is caused by quotation marks, because many people who want to become freelance writers spend so much time deceiving themselves that they are making progress when what they are really doing stagnates. you can:

“Research” the websites of other freelance writers to understand what you want your website to look like;

“Study” the writing samples of other freelance writers to see how to write yours;

“Research” the type of equipment you need for the “ultimate” freelance writing business;

“Research” (read) articles about how other people realize their dreams of free writing;

“Research”; “Research”; “Research”; “Research”… until your information is overloaded and you haven’t finished the nonsense!


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