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I just started college and started selling things on eBay. Those things not worth my time to list, but hey, when you go to college you can eat a few meals for $10. A friend of mine showed me how to use HTML tags to edit my make the list more lively. This really interested me and I started to learn more about it myself. I like it a lot, so I changed my minor to a minor in web design and development. That’s how I started 10 years ago and since then I’ve grown up and learned a lot. In the past 10 years I have built many websites. I built websites for little moms and popular stores, I built e-commerce websites and I built websites for international organizations. I still feel like I learned a lot for every website I build. My web design skills have improved, my efficiency has improved, my expectations have been more accurate, my organization has improved and most importantly, the final product has improved.

I am currently working with clients in the early stages of a website development project to understand exactly what we are trying to achieve with the website, how the website will be organized, how users will browse the website and what users can do, etc. also work with clients to help them determine how we will bring traffic to the site, how we will get these people back, how we will handle our traffic reception and how we will track everything. I really enjoy doing website design work that’s why I keep working full time while doing freelance web design work. I haven’t done much design work in my full-time job, so my freelance job can meet this need. While the whole process of web design through an agency is completely different from that of freelancers, it is very similar in other respects. What I learned through these two features:

– Always praise yourself for what you think it’s worth. Don’t belittle your job just because you think your customers can’t afford you. If they can’t afford you, it’s not a bad thing to let them move on. If they always give you five cents, then your time is not worth it. Customers who are willing to pay you your value are better customers.

-If you don’t have your own website, you can’t expect decent work. I can’t tell you how many freelance web designers I’ve met who don’t even have their own website. If they want me to use their services or recommend jobs, what should I do if I can’t even see their work samples. Not only should you have your own website, but your website should always be the best website you have created. This is the first place for potential customers to look at, and it will give them the first impression of you and your web design work. This may even be the only place where they decide if they want to work with you. My free web design website is my favorite website and I think it represents the quality of the design work I do well.

– Don’t be afraid to argue. I have a lot of things that my clients want and I really have to argue to get them to change their mind. I’ve got clients asking me to be “double bold” (whatever that means) and I’ve been fighting the battle with the “bigger logo”… I’ve been asked a lot of things by clients and they’re running out of web pages Knowledge of design /usability, but believe that their personal preferences should determine how the website works and how it looks.

-If you don’t agree, don’t be afraid to argue. Of course, do this in a respectful manner and always be professional. From my experience I know that if you do not agree with the customer, the customer is not bothered by it. It shows that you have passion for what you do and have faith in your work. You are an expert, that’s why they pay you. Sometimes they just forget and need to be reminded.

SEO is a great asset. Get out there, read and learn all about search engine optimization if you can. Knowing how to make a website perform well in search engines allows me to bring a lot of traffic to my website which means a lot of new business opportunities. Of course you can search for paid (i.e. pay per click or PPC) but this can be very expensive and I think it is much less effective.

-Understand all the different areas of the industry. My main focus is free web design, but I also provide graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) management services. I’m not saying you should provide all types of services, it might be better if you focus on one area, but at least it’s good to have in-depth knowledge of industry-related topics. In my career, I have reached the point of contention to become a full-time freelance web designer. I have┬áthat I have been debating for over a year and it was very difficult to come to a conclusion. But I know the option is there and from the knowledge I have gained over the past 10 years I feel I would be well prepared to work full time for myself.


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