7 Ways Successful Freelance Writers Juggle Work and Life

Free writing is a balancing act. Imagine walking a tightrope between your writing life and other lives, with a stack of plates in your arms. Then imagine holding these plates high above your head. Some of them are your role as a businessman (freelance is a business). The others are different clients or editors, depending on what you write. Finally, there are all the small sections that represent different aspects of each writing assignment. If you’re new to the art of juggling, you can give up some. But after a while you will master the skills to keep all the plates in the air. Here are 7 ways for successful freelance writers to balance work and life.

1. Do what you love, love what you do.

Isn’t this something we all dream of? Of course it is, but how can you make this dream come true? First you have to discover what you really like. If it’s writing, find a way to make it a part of your life. Once this is the case, start saving your work portfolio even if you don’t get paid. If you have a series of works that you can proudly show off, use them as a sales tool. Send the sample together with the application letter. The proof that you are up to the task is the work you have done. Excellence speaks for itself.

2. Don’t stop your day job.

There is a romance associated with free writing. Unromantic (in real life) is the idea of ​​living on the street or not being able to go to the supermarket and the gas station in the same week. It’s fine to make a living as an independent writer, but for most of us it’s a long and difficult road. Perhaps this is why so many people give up on their dreams before reaching the level of consciousness. Don’t give up, but don’t be reckless. Get a stable income and write while you’re at it. Build your reputation and your business. You know if and when you can work full-time.

3. Fill the line.

Every aspect of the job has its own challenges, but the most important thing is to have enough work to maintain one’s financial situation. It can be a struggle to find large enough projects or well-paid clients to support your life. If you then have a job, it will take up all your time and energy, which is not conducive to finding more work once the job is completed. The “secret” of always having a job is to always look for a job, in other words, to make continuous marketing efforts. The keywords here are organized and continuous. No matter how much work you have to do, filling the tube should be your top priority.

4. Respect the deadline very much.

Deadlines are sacred to writers. You don’t make up or make up excuses; you allow them. It’s that simple. If you don’t do this, rest assured that other writers will. This was once taken for granted, perhaps because many writers started out as newspaper reporters. Today, deadlines seem more flexible, but they are just as real and important as ever. If you tell the editors that you will receive a copy by a certain date, please do so. If the customer says she wants to finish the project on Friday, even if she’s been inactive for a week, she must complete it by Friday at the latest. This is the customer’s prerogative. Your job is to meet the deadline.

5. Learn how to handle…tasks and roles

To say running a freelance job is a juggling behavior is an understatement. First of all, all the roles you play in the company, from the president to the gatekeeper. If you work alone, you can do everything, even if you may do better on some tasks than on others. Second, there can be multiple projects from multiple clients. While this sounds great, it takes a lot of skill to separate them and proceed as planned, all the while being completely focused while you work. Finally, a single writing project can contain all the parts such as meetings, interviews, research, writing, review and approval, just to name a few. You need two main skills to keep all these records in the air: high concentration and the ability to switch quickly.

6. Remember: Everything Matters

Think of life as a marketing call and you can’t go wrong. Whatever you do, say or write, you will make an impression and you may not be able to correct this impression in the future. People will remember the smallest details: you didn’t call back; you made a promise that you failed to keep; your voice mailbox is full and they can’t leave messages; when you pick up the phone, your voice is not so warm ; your handshake Very soft. As a freelance writer you are always “online”,

Yle, this is not a way of life,” they insisted. “You can love what you do and work hard, but the goal is to let you enjoy the rest of your life. They have a point. You live for it, it can become an addiction, and then everything will be affected, including those that receive the most attention and energy. A balanced life should include your social, physical and spiritual aspects, as well as your creative aspects.


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