7 Myths of the Freelance Life

So you think you’re a good writer, don’t you? Do you think this writing style is a good lifestyle? Working from home! Fame! Travel abroad! Meet interesting people! Create amazing art and get paid!


Unfortunately, most people develop their opinions about the lifestyle of freelance writers from the authors interviewed by Oprah. Or worse, the writers portrayed in movies and TV.

There is a problem with this resource. I have a friend who is a professional animator. Watching cartoons with her is an education in itself. She spent a lot of time explaining the internal jokes hidden in the cartoon by the animator. Who do you think wrote those movies and TV shows? Do you still believe they are accurate images?

That’s why there are many myths about the lifestyle of freelance writers. There are seven here.

1. Freelance writers work in interesting places.

Sorry, I work in the client’s living room or office. Sometimes I get to use my office. But only if my artist wife allows me to. interesting? Hey, I painted the walls this weekend and now I’m not looking at beige! I now have a window! I can still stay in the basement.

2. Freelance writers set their own time.

Have you ever had a deadline you can’t miss? Or 40 hours of work and 2 days to complete? Welcome to the freelance lifestyle!

3. Freelance writers can take a vacation at any time.

What is a vacation? Oh, you mean unemployed. Know that for me. At the time, I was busy running around bringing in business. ‘Enough said?

4. Freelance writers are rich.

The average creative-type salary is well below the poverty line. Yes, some people can make a lot of money. Yes, most people can earn a fair wage. But getting rich by writing. Do not.

5. Free writing is creative.

The most creative thing most freelancers write is their expense form. I’m kidding! I’m kidding! shhh. The fact is that most of the free writing is for regulation. Depending on the market segment, the specs may not leave you much room for creativity.

6. Freelance writers are very famous.

I have a friend. She is the lead author of about two dozen best-selling books. Her hobby is to walk the streets of the city. I don’t think she’s ever been recognized, except friends. Do you want a famous writer to have a heart attack? Call out his or her name at the fan conference. For best results, do it at a restaurant or bookstore outside the venue. Please make sure to get the EMS warning in advance.

7. Freelance writers do nothing but write.

Freelancing is a business. Let me repeat. Freelancing is a business. It doesn’t matter what kind of freelance job it is: writing, art, computer programming, garbage collection. Companies make a living from the paperwork they produce. There are additional small tasks. For every hour of writing, you can guarantee half an hour to run your business. marketing. Accountancy. Reporting to the government. To buy. Dispatch. All this takes time. Time that cannot be spent writing.

Making the Freelance Life Work on the 5G Network

When economic problems and other factors begin to affect life, there will always be new types of employment. People look for different ways of earning a living, and sometimes that means starting their own business. There is no denying that the number of freelancers has grown significantly since the 2021 recession. Although freelance, communication is the most important. Here are five reasons why 5G wireless internet networks can help make this lifestyle a reality.

1. There will be no days that take you off the grid. Freelancers should take their free time as seriously as they do work. Otherwise, your life will eventually revolve around work and worrying about when your next job starts. How do you make sure you don’t miss the show because you get a message or email late? Even if you’re visiting friends in an unfamiliar part of town or stuck in a dental office, your 5G service will call and email you. The new network system is perfect for people who want to learn more about it when someone contacts them.

2. You can reduce your doubts. Every freelancer has experienced it: you are about to start working, but there are some problems with the materials. Should you sneak in and risk that you might have to do it again? You may have learned that it is best to ask questions first and then avoid them. These networking features allow you to communicate quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to leave part of your job for opportunities.

3. You save time. Who needs more management time than freelancers? Every minute you work or don’t work affects your life. When you start working, you have to cherish every second, otherwise you are basically working for free. Thanks to the 4G network capabilities, you can move and communicate faster than ever before. If you want to take a break, you deserve it.

4. Bandwidth becomes something you can get used to. Working on a 5G network has many advantages, especially the bandwidth involved. Freelancers like fashion stylists don’t have to worry about whether the clothes fit properly. All you have to do is take a few pictures and send an email via your phone. For real estate agents — classic freelancers — these same features are perfect for showing clients new properties coming to market.

5. You can manage your personal life equally effectively. It’s no exaggeration to say that personal life can get busier than work schedule. The trick is to treat your personal life as a career. Use the network to respond quickly and avoid alienation from friends and relatives.


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