Freelancer in the Most Effective Ways

Mouth to mouth:

Getting potential customers through word of mouth is a particularly effective marketing strategy because it involves recommendations from a trusted third party. Get recommendations from your satisfied customers. Offer free advice for new recommendations. Think of the costs of referrals or discoverers.

Customer base

Many of your customers will have to commission multiple projects so that marketing to current and past customers can remind them of your service and what you can do for them. some thoughts:

• Use your invoice to send service promotions.
• Ask your customers to add points to your web, video or print work.
• Create a calendar to show your work to clients to post in their office.
• Create a poster for your client to hang on the wall in their office.


The strategic network determines how to deal with people who can become potential customers and who can recommend you to potential customers. some thoughts:

• Contact the people you’ve worked with and ask them to send you any remaining work.
• Suggested seminars for local business groups.
• Practice elevator speeches about the work you do, and be ready to use it anytime, anywhere.
• Participate in online forums (use forum signature rules to outline your services).
• Comment on the blog to draw people back to your free website.


Not every job is a recommendation or word of mouth. Potential clients can find freelancers through advertising campaigns, websites, or marketing materials. some thoughts:

• Advertise in niche magazines or trade magazines, such as catering magazines.
• List yourself in the business directory or the yellow pages.
• Research the websites your customers visit and buy ads there.

Obtained Industry Expert Status

Positioning yourself as an expert means not only getting more work, but also being able to charge more for your services. some thoughts:

• Start blogging.
• Send tutorials or operating methods to the website.

working committee

Many freelance jobs are usually advertised, and even if you compete with other freelancers, it is still an easy and effective way to find a job. some thoughts:

• Place a small advertisement on the bulletin board of your municipality or municipality.
• Pay close attention to offline workboards.

Contact local businesses

Neighborhood businesses are a rich source of work for many freelancers and a great place to find and make connections. In many cases, they are also particularly sensitive to the Internet. some thoughts:

• Ask if you can put your business card or brochure in your local store.
• Rent office space shared with other companies or freelancers.

Industry Specific Ideas

Here are some ideas tailored to specific industries:


• Create a personal project so that you have a reason to show your portfolio to old contacts.
• Submit your photos to trade magazines and become famous for yourself.

Illustrator and animator

• Open a comic blog.
• Create stock artwork for sites like iStockPhoto and link to portfolio sites that offer custom artwork.
• Write a letter to a popular blog and propose a cartoon.


• Submit the work of designing and compiling books and magazines.
• Design a great website and submit it to the design gallery.
• Build a great portfolio and submit it to the design portal.
• Start a magazine, design a portal or blog.


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